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New Providence Amateur Radio Club
The  Radio Club of the Watchung Hills Area
P.O. Box  813, New Providence, NJ  07974    USA

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Club call signs are N2XJ and W2FMI


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Wouff Hong Honor Roll

NPARC's Secret Society of the Rettysnitch periodically recognizes a club member who has brought credit to the club or  has furthered its ideals by granting him or her the coveted Wouff Hong Award.

No one other than the unknown members of the Secret Society know the actual reasons why a club member is so honored. If an award is to be made in any year, it is often announced at the club's Holiday luncheon.  The award recipient has
the honor, privilege and responsibility of posting this prestigious award in a prominent location in his or her home for the ensuing year.

Listed below are past recipients of this coveted award.

2018 Brian Deluca W2EMC
2017 Jim Stekas K2UI
2016 Dave Hartman AC2GL
2014 Bob Willis K2GLS
2013 Sam Seally KC2OSR
2011 Al Hanzl K2AL
2010 Frank McAneny K2EZR
2008 Guy Brennert K2EFB
2007 Scott Alexander AB2WF
2006 Barry Cohen K2JV
2005 Vince Lobosco KC2IKZ
2004 Lou Alexander WK2I
2003 Bob Barns KB2IKC
2002 Tony Lockhart KB2BBP
2000 Ralph Milnes KC2RLM
1994 Joe Reid K2JAO
1993 Terry Wampler WD4IGL
1992 Andy Stillinger WA2DKJ
1990 John Sheetz K2AGI
1989 Rick Anderson WB2QOQ
1988 John Sheetz K2AGI
1987 Harry Kundrat W2YEZ
1986 Tom Brown KA2UGQ
1985 Carl Felt Jr. N2XJ
1984 Bob Latter W2YFM
1983 Pres Conrad N2CXE
1982 Luis Rodriguez WA2BUY
1981 Floyd Harvey KA2DDG
1980 Jim Mann WB2YUU
1979 George Hanchett W2YM
1978 Bob Craig W2EAL
1977 Bill King W2LTJ
1976 Bob Brown W2EME
1975 Harold V.B. Voorhis
1974 Bob Ruedisueli W2SGO
1973 John Sheetz K2AGI
1972 Bob Latter W2YFM
1971 Russ Zears WB2JLW
1970 Barry Cohen W2PDG
1969 Al Hirsch K2SKV
1968 Bob Latter W2YFM
1967 Arden Johnson WB2GPG
1966 Roland Kunkel W4URS
1965 Charlie Derowitsch W2RBR

The original Wouff Hong award was created by Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, co-founder and first president of the ARRL, but it was not coveted. It was awarded for poor amateur radio operating practices; see

The NPARC Wouff Hong plaque was created by Al Hirsch K2SKV from a throw switch found at a hamfest and left-over wood from a kitchen remodeling job. The original plaque used "DYMO" labels to record the name and year of each winner. In 2001, the labels were retired in favor of brass plates.


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